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Term,Index,Whole Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance


Affordable Coverage with a Difference

Term insurance is basic, inexpensive and easy to understand. It gives your Client all the coverage they need and none that they don't. That's why it's the best choice for almost everyone.



American National


American General


Whole Life
Participating Whole Life

The Power of Guarantees

A policy that provides long-term value to policy owners...

Participating Whole life insurance offers a unique combination of guaranteed death benefit protection, guaranteed cash value accumulation, and guaranteed level premiums over a lifetime. Participating Whole life insurance policies may also give your clients the potential to receive dividends

These benefits and guarantees mean that a participating whole life policy can be more than just life insurance, it can be a financial asset that proves to be a long term and dependable value to policy owners.

Client Profile

If your clients are looking for a permanent death benefit, along with flexible options, participating whole life is the answer.


The policy's death benefit can be used for:

-Survivor needs

-Mortgage protection

-Business needs

-Charitable giving


The accumulated cash value can be used for:

-College funding

-Supplemental retirement income


-Other needs
Index Universal Life

One of the fastest growing markets within the industry

Life Insurance that blends together the right combination of opportunity and protection.  It provides a Guaranteed Death Benefit and the opportunity for increased cash accumulation on a Tax-Deferred basis. Index Universal life gives your clients family protection with the added comfort to help with long term planning needs.

A policy with upside potential….
Index universal life offers many of the same benefits as traditional universal life insurance, with one primary difference—the way interest is credited to the cash value of the policy. Index universal life insurance policies credit interest based partly on the upward movement of a major stock market index, so when the market does well, so do your clients. Over the life of the policy, this could mean more cash value and more supplemental income.


No downside risk....

Index Universal life offers downside protection in a poorly performing market because your clients don’t participate directly in the stock market and the credited interest rate is never less than zero percent. Guaranteed.

Client Profile

If your clients are not only looking for Death Benefit Protection, but also want to accumulate significant cash values as a source of supplemental retirement income.

Are your clients maximizing contributions to qualified retirement plans and still face a possible retirement income shortfall?

A way to supplement healthcare cost in later years

Business owners looking for:

-Key-Person Insurance

-Business Succession Plans

-Buy-Sell Agreements


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