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  • I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us. (Dave Ramsey)
  • We are programmed to succeed from birth but we deprogram ourselves with beliefs (Daniel Marques)
  • You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. -Nancy D. Solomon

Final Expense



Do you need a solid lead program?

Do you need the right product mix?

How about training?

You should have all of these things as well as the ability to earn high commissions. There are so many Final Expense Agencies out there that over promise and under deliver. They answer your calls until you submit your contracting papers and then it’s on to the next agent. I love listening to IMOs brag about the thousands of agents they have in their agencies. They never brag about the number of producing agents because that number is seldom impressive.

Most large Final Expense agencies figure that if they contract enough agents, some of them will produce.  The problem with this strategy is that it really hurts the agents.  If an agent works with a Final Expense Agency that doesn’t offer the support needed by that agent, it makes it difficult for that agent to move to a different agency.

Before you contract with carriers make sure the agency you work with offers the support you need to be successful.  If you find out that you’re in the wrong agency after you contract you’ll have to wait six months to use that insurance company.


At Excelsior Marketing Insurance We assist our agents from start to finish in helping clients prepare for their end of life expenses. We make it easy with tools provided and a variety of Final Expense companies that will fit your client’s needs.

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