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  • I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us. (Dave Ramsey)
  • We are programmed to succeed from birth but we deprogram ourselves with beliefs (Daniel Marques)
  • You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. -Nancy D. Solomon

Our Commission and Team Building

Commissions   /   Conditions for Promotion

We start our Working Producers at a 70% level commission. When you contract with Excelsior Marketing, and submit 2 applications with a minimum premium of $45, you are automatically placed at a 70% commission level. If you submit one application, you will be at 50% commission.

If you have two or more Working Producers on your team, we will start you at an 80% commission level

All contracts must be followed by two business applications because most Insurance companies DO NOT accept agent contract applications without a supporting piece of business.


Conditions for Promotion

New Agents start at 50% commission. Additionally:

• No production is required to maintain commission level

• We will not promote dormant agents. Your down-line must be as active as you.

• Commission compensation is based on group production.



Team Building

captive agent

At Excelsior Marketing, we teach you how to find licensed agents, and how to increase your exposure selling life insurance products.
NO one can make it in this business without a Team and at Excelsior Marketing we promote Team Building, which is a must for Promotion. We will help you create a Team of more than 50 people in less than one year with our step by step Simple System of duplication

Why Contract With Us?

Well, we provide

Free quoting website and traffic
Free business cards
Free E-mail template
A+ personal service
The best commission structure
Daily Pay and Weekly Pay

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