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  • I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us. (Dave Ramsey)
  • We are programmed to succeed from birth but we deprogram ourselves with beliefs (Daniel Marques)
  • You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. -Nancy D. Solomon

Medicare Advantage


10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 every day!

This fact presents an unprecedented opportunity for new business. In a tough economy, you don’t want to pass up an option to increase your bottom line. With a strong portfolio of senior products, you will better meet the needs of your customers and at the same time, increase your sales.

Why Should You Contract

you can generate substantial commissions and renewals in the Senior Products industry. Literally thousands of people are turning 65 every day. The longer you wait to get into this booming arena, the more business you will miss. Who can afford for that to happen? You can start selling as soon as you are contracted and certified. Now is the time to get contracted and start growing your business.

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Excelsior Marketing Insurance represents carriers such as Humana, Coventry, United health etc…

As an agent you can sell

images Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)
images Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies
images Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)

How to get certified to sell Senior Products

Once you are contracted, you will receive instructions on how to certify to sell the products (if applicable).

Do you give free leads?

A free lead is a misleading term and is a marketing trick used to gather agents in the recruiting process. By being honest about leads and marketing, you will have an accurate expectation of how you can compliantly get leads. We want you to be in this business for a long time, and by teaching you how to market and get leads, you will not be marginalized by empty promises.

Where do I get my leads?
Leads can come from many sources and we will teach you how to get those leads in a way that will not compromise the CMS regulations or your license. We offer training on all parts of this business and partner with you to make sure you have a broad understanding. We do get leads that we will give to our agents, but we never promise you leads as a way to lure you. Honesty is the best policy here at Excelsior marketing.

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