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  • We are programmed to succeed from birth but we deprogram ourselves with beliefs (Daniel Marques)
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Federal Employee Market


We have partnered with the right organizations to deliver comprehensive human resource and financial services support for anyone employed by the United States Government. We serve the people who serve all of us! 

Our purpose is to help Federal Employees understand and take advantage of their Federal Benefits and Retirement System.

Why Market to Federal Employees?

Federal and postal employees make up a total market of more than 3 million workers with a vast amount of savings to invest before and after retirement - 50% of all federal employees will be eligible for retirement in the next four years

Thousands of federal employees in your area will have anywhere from $1 to a million dollars in their Thrift Savings Plan (a 401k-type account) at retirement.

Federal employees can “rollover” funds from their Thrift Savings Plan into other investment options that you may provide.

Thousands of federal employees in your area have options for life and health insurance before and after retirement - services that you might be able to provide them.

The recent Saver Act passed by the U.S. Congress encourages the government to link competent professionals like you with federal employees to help them make decisions about their retirement. Becoming well-versed in their benefit programs will help you make this connection.

Excelsior Marketing Insurance can train you with a thorough understanding of federal benefits and associated retirement planning. We provide numerous materials including step-by-step training modules; a manual explaining all federal employee retirement benefits, presentation tools, plus sales and marketing resources to help the professional identify the retirement needs of federal employees.

Federal Employee benefits can be very complicated. Only the best trained professionals are able to service this market. Having training and leads from our agency can help you maintain “due diligence” when doing financial and retirement planning with federal employees.

Visit www.thefedstop.com 

Visit www.TSP.gov 


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