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Retirement Specialist



Today, the average retired teacher has less than $1,800 per month to take home from their teacher retirement system after STRS reductions, taxes, health insurance premiums, and other necessary options are deducted.

This is an American travesty! According to a USA Today opinion poll: 78% of retirees polled “wished they had planned better for retirement,” 42% “wished they had saved more money,” and 37% “wished they had opened an IRA or contributed to a 403(b).” Retirement Supplements for school employees were established by the IRS in 1958, and after 50+ years, only 25% are saving for their future.

The Answer

You are here to provide the answers by:

  • Helping teachers understand their STRS (State Teacher Retirement System)
  • Calculating teachers’ projected retirement income
  • Educating teachers on savings options to help fill the retirement income gap
  • Helping teachers personalize the best savings plan for themselves
  • Sharing our success system for maximizing income, savings, and retirement


Market Needs

We committed to retirement education and retirement plans, and trains our representatives, in the field of retirement education and services.

Our Retirement Specialists are knowledgeable of and provide education about teacher retirement issues such as:

  • State Teacher Retirement Systems (STRS)
  • 403(b), 457, IRAs, 401(k) and other qualified plan options
  • Social Security benefits
  • Tax legislation, past and current


Build a Great Business

Join the Retirement Revolution! Build a great business!

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  • Total flexibility
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